5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” —Confucius Often times we feel as if we are very busy. We feel the need to constantly move from one project to another, booking our busy schedules to the brim. As a result, we become overwhelmed and often times burnt out. Actually, one [...]

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EA Update: Coaching Fund

About a year ago, we began researching how to become certified International Coach Federation (ICF) coaches. We found out that several possibilities for our certifications, but many of them did not resonate with us. However, we then came across a book called "The COACH Model" by Keith Webb. He formulated the COACH Model while he [...]

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Finding the Majestic in the Mundane

Last week was filled with festivities in Hong Kong. We celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. Countless people were out shopping, awaiting the amazing fireworks display and engaging in other festivities. However, our recent coaching conversations remind us that many young people in the city are not so interested in the glamour of festivities, but [...]

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How Our Website Jumpstarted Our Brand Story

If I have learned one thing from my past year in a startup, it's that creating a website that engages people is truly one of the hardest and most important things an organization can do to jumpstart their goals and make an impact. We live in an information age: the average amount of time of [...]

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EA August Update

EA August Update Dear friends of Empower Asia, COACHING is one of our organization’s cornerstones to foster empowered lives. In coaching, students or young professionals usually go on a 5-month-journey of discovery with an EA coach. During this period the coachee sets personal, professional or spiritual goals for his or her own development and [...]

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EA Update Summer 2015

Dear friends of Empower Asia, as our young organization continues to develop, our team also begins to take shape more and more. This month we want to introduce Henry to you, who will join Empower Asia as Director of Mentoring Services. Over the past year our team has worked diligently on developing our training and [...]

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Featured Story: Anny

We've recently started recording our featured stories so that you can get to know some of our clients on a personal level. Anny is one of our students who has greatly benefited from our services—watch the video to hear her story.

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Unexpected Blessings

Dear friends of Empower Asia, Starting a new organization with a multi-national team in Hong Kong is both an exciting and challenging journey. We have all learned a lot during this start up period and it was filled with surprises. On the one hand, there are the roadblocks we did not anticipate, which often have [...]

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