In Response to Recent Events

*Note: This is not a typical post from Empower Asia however we felt that it is important for us to respond to this growing crisis amongst the young people in our city. Wednesday evening in Hong Kong another student committed suicide, and all week long there has been pundits, experts and officials chiming in to [...]

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5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” —Confucius Often times we feel as if we are very busy. We feel the need to constantly move from one project to another, booking our busy schedules to the brim. As a result, we become overwhelmed and often times burnt out. Actually, one [...]

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Finding the Majestic in the Mundane

Last week was filled with festivities in Hong Kong. We celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. Countless people were out shopping, awaiting the amazing fireworks display and engaging in other festivities. However, our recent coaching conversations remind us that many young people in the city are not so interested in the glamour of festivities, but [...]

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Unexpected Blessings

Dear friends of Empower Asia, Starting a new organization with a multi-national team in Hong Kong is both an exciting and challenging journey. We have all learned a lot during this start up period and it was filled with surprises. On the one hand, there are the roadblocks we did not anticipate, which often have [...]

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How YOU can impact a young person’s life?

Dear friends of Empower Asia, As the weather gets warmer in Hong Kong and the humidity returns, it's not only an indicator of summer approaching, but also for the university semester to end. Students are now getting more stressed about exams and worries about job applications are a common conversation topic. This shift of season [...]

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Meet Our Newest Staff Member

Dear friends of Empower Asia, We are off to a great start in 2015 as our team is launching projects on various campuses throughout Hong Kong. I want to take the opportunity of this update to introduce our newest team member to you: Oliver Ip. Growing up in the UK and Hong Kong, Oliver moved [...]

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Looking Forward to 2015

Dear friends of Empower Asia,First of all we wish you all a Happy New Year. As the we enter 2015, we look back at an eventful year, and are looking ahead to many exiting milestones on next years' schedule. A highlight at the end of 2015 was our first Empower Asia Salon Event. Our salon [...]

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Getting the Word Out

Dear friends of Empower Asia,Over the past months we have shared how our team is taking shape and how we are focusing on building a strong foundation for EA, especially through developing services of training, mentorship and coaching. Now we are seeing EA move into the next phase of our organization: moving from an inward [...]

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October Developments!

This month's letter is from our team member David Chou, hope you are encouraged by what he has to share! Dear friends of Empower Asia, As a new semester kicks off, we are excited to share the newest developments of our organization with you. One of the most recent developments in EA is an open [...]

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Vision becomes a Reality

Dear friends of Empower Asia, As a new semester kicks off, we are excited to share the newest developments of our organization with you. Over the past few months we have explored numerous opportunities for our team to serve young people in the city. We have listened to many people about their needs and about [...]

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