Dear friends of Empower Asia,

Summer is in full heat, and the Pokemon Go epidemic is in full force. That’s two great reasons for our team to stay inside the comfort of our office and to work hard on getting ready for the fall semester. Here is a quick overview about some great stuff happening at EA:

AUG 16 EA.UpdateTraining: In preparation for the fall semester, our team is currently working on several new workshop curriculums. All our programs aim to empower young people in the city professionally, personally, and spiritually – reflecting our hope to see young people equipped for life in a holistic way. We will be at PolyU again this coming semester and we are also in conversation with several schools and universities to host workshops.  This semester we will be offering: Leather-making, Goal Setting, and Public Speaking for Introverts. Follow us on our facebook page to stay up to date with courses offered or contact us if you would like to explore what training programs would be most suitable for you – whether you are an individual or part of an educational institution.

Coaching: Several of our team members are in the process of completing their coaching certification with the International Coach Federation. We love the impact coaching has on the lives of young people. Coaching creates a safe place for anyone to think, question, explore, discover and ultimately successfully reach their goals. If you are age 16-25, feel free to contact us to explore what it takes to benefit from personal coaching sessions. Here is a personal story from one of our clients. We are also constantly looking for sponsors who would love to see young people empowered to reach their full potential. For as little as 50 USD or 350 HKD a month you can provide a complete coaching package impacted the life of a young person forever every year! Contact us if you would like to sponsor a coaching package for one of our clients!

Mentoring: We are using the semester break for an exciting project. Currently, we are translating a book written by an expert on mentoring. This will serve as the foundation of our mentoring program that we are hoping to launch early 2017! The material has been tried and tested in equipping hundreds of mentors in Germany. We can’t wait for the program to be ready so we can make it accessible to a wider audience. Our goal is to partner with churches in Hong Kong, and train up lay leaders in the art of mentoring, and match them with Empower Asia clients. We believe this will make a huge difference in the lives of students and young professionals as well as the lives of the mentors. Contact us if you would like to be a potential EA Mentor and or receive updates about our mentoring program!

As you can see, there is a lot going on and we are so excited about the upcoming year. We would love to hear from you, whether you are interested in our services of training, coaching and mentoring, want to support our work, or simply want to give us feedback.

As always, may you live life to the fullest!
Maik Friedrich

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