About a year ago, we began researching how to become certified International Coach Federation (ICF) coaches. We found out that several possibilities for our certifications, but many of them did not resonate with us. However, we then came across a book called “The COACH Model” by Keith Webb. He formulated the COACH Model while he was working in East Asia. The context aligned with our vision and values for coaching that we decided to incorporate it as one of our core foundation for our coaching sessions. Soon after, we found out that some of his associates would be running a workshop in Hong Kong to train people to coach using the COACH model and help them take their first steps towards becoming ICF-accredited coaches.


Earlier this year, a couple of our team members had the privilege of attending that COACH Model Workshop. Our team members who attended the workshop came back equipped with the training, confidence, and support they needed to begin coaching. More importantly, this workshop gave us the connection we needed to see a way forward for our training and accreditation.

The organisation that ran the workshop is called Creative Results Management (CRM). They are a collective of dedicated, certified coaching trainers that help others aspiring to become certified coaches. Their courses are ICF-approved, meaning that their training hours, mentoring, resources, and support can be put towards completing the ICF accreditation process. One of the best parts of our connection with CRM is that they regularly run courses in Asia. Aside from the 3-day workshop that was hosted in Hong Kong, CRM also runs the Coaching Mastery Certificate Course: a 5-day intensive training course, with follow-up classes and mentoring, designed to provide attendees with all of the hours and requirements needed to complete the coaching certification.

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The next Coaching Mastery Course will be held in Singapore this coming January, and we want to send all members of our team who did not attend the course earlier this year. By completing the course, they will fulfill all of the training requirements to receive their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentials from the ICF. This course is a very special opportunity for as we will be able to receive high-quality training, take a huge leap towards receiving our ACCs in the shortest possible time, and achieve both of these without having to leave Asia.


This is why we’ve launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise the money for our team to attend the Coaching Mastery Certificate Course. Receiving this training will allow us to be much more effective coaches, able to offer world class coaching and mentoring to the next generation of leaders in Asia. Receiving this certification from the ICF will also give us the greater credibility, as individuals and an organisation, that our growing start-up needs. Right now this is something that can make a huge and tangible difference to Empower Asia as it fulfils its mission, helping us to have a greater impact on these young leaders as we empower and mobilize them to make a positive impact for their community.


We want to invite you to be apart of this journey with us! We have spent the last month preparing for this campaign and want you come alongside us. Firstly, you can help by donating to our cause – even the smallest amounts make a difference.

Secondly, and more importantly, spread the word! Simply forward this post to your network of contacts to share our campaign. Tell them why it is important for our team and our clients. Use this video to share and our indiegogo. We can even send you an email template and all you need to do is sign your name and send it to your contacts!

We’re excited to have you partner with us as we take a next step towards having an even greater transformative impact on the next generation of leader in Asia.

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We are a Hong Kong based NGO that provides coaching, training, and mentoring to university students and young job starters. We see so much potential, strength and creativity in the next generation and commit to building a bright future for them.