EA Update Summer 2015

Dear friends of Empower Asia,

as our young organization continues to develop, our team also begins to take shape more and more. This month we want to introduce Henry to you, who will join Empower Asia as Director of Mentoring Services.

Over the past year our team has worked diligently on developing our training and coaching services. With Henry joining our team, we are adding the final pillar to our service offer.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Henry better through the interview below, and please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about or support EA’s mentoring program.

by grace,

Maik H. Friedrich

EA Interview with Henry Mui:

EA: We are here with Henry Mui, the new Director of Mentoring at Empower Asia and are looking forward to getting to know him a bit better. Hi Henry!

Henry: Hi guys, thanks for having me.

EA: Thanks for taking the time to help us get better acquainted. Let’s start off with a few words on your personal life if you don’t mind.

Henry: Well, I’m originally from the USA and have been in Hong Kong since 2009. I was born and raised in the NYC area and worked in NYC in Banking and IT before heading to Boston for Theological studies after which I headed to the San Francisco Bay Area to pastor a church for a few years before eventually moving to HK to be with my wife, Denise. We have 2 little boys and continue to grow and learn through all the movement in our lives, especially in the process of parenting!

EA: What brought you to Empower Asia and what will you be doing as part of the team?

Henry: Throughout my career I have held various positions in businesses as well as in non-profit organizations. The vision of EA to empower young people for life has intrigued me, especially the holistic dimension of EA’s services, wanting to see young people impacted on a professional, personal and spiritual level. My role with EA is to lead all mentoring services of the organization, which includes the development of EA’s mentoring program, training up mentors for the organization, matching mentors with our clients, and providing care and support for the whole mentoring network.

EA: Can you share with us how you see mentorship connect with the other 2 pillars of what Empower Asia offers, namely Training and Coaching?

Henry: Training and Coaching are both services directly administered by our team of service advisors. They run various training workshops on topics that really help young people navigate the challenges of life here in the city. The one-on-one coaching sessions take this even deeper, and give students a unique opportunity and a safe place to explore where they want to go in life and how to get there. Mentoring is that amazing opportunity for others to join into that journey of transformation in the lives of young people. Through our mentoring program we will equip others with the tools – and more importantly the right heart and mindset – to share their experience and wisdom with a younger person. In our information age young people are bombarded with opinions and data, often leaving them without direction and meaning. Mentoring provides guidance through someone who really cares and with consistency.

EA: Thanks Henry. As we close, could you share with us what next steps for the mentoring program we can expect in the upcoming year.

Henry: In the first phase, we will largely focus on developing the material. We are screening various programs that we can learn from, but we will also add a unique dimension to the program. That starts with listening to the stories of young people in the city; the struggles they are facing and the hopes they have for a mentoring voice in their lives. In the second phase, which we hope to move into at the end of the year, is to build up our mentoring network. We will largely focus on raising mentors from within the Hong Kong church community. Finally, we will match students and young professionals with mentors and I will support the mentor-mentee relationships through a mentor care program.

EA: That sounds exciting Henry. We wish you all the best and welcome to the team.        





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