Choices. Like so many others entering university life, I was pampered with choices when it came to selecting majors, career paths, relationships, et cetera.

Or not. There were times I felt depressed exactly because more choices meant it was no longer certain how to best live my life. Everyone has different, sometimes even conflicting, opinions about how to live your life best, let alone whether it has any meaning. And by everyone that includes those of otherwise equal “wisdom”, wealth and other indicators of success. As someone wanting very hard to believe there’s more to life than meets the eye, the uncertainty is downright depressing. 

My name is Edward. Born in Indonesia, I went to Singapore for secondary school and landed in Hong Kong for university. All the exposure to different cultures has definitely enriched my view of life – unfortunately, along with the confusion that comes with it.

Raised with Christian values, one of the biggest issues I struggled with was the apparent conflict between the notion of Christianity and worldly success. It was my pre-supposition that someone only adopts Christian or any other beliefs as a coping mechanism when devoid of wealth. For me, this was one of those questions to settle before moving on.

It was during those times that I met Maik, the founder of Empower Asia. His life story of being a successful banker turned non-profit worker helping university students find their footing, proves to be enlightening. Similarly, his wife Katie left her lucrative job as a nurse to help students navigate life. More than just merely telling a story, Maik coached me and connected me to some experienced mentor figures – all of whom ultimately were guiding me with their rich reserves of experience in successfully engaging the world while staying true to their beliefs and principles. 

The value of such coaching and mentorship is hard to describe in monetary terms – I highly doubt such figures would share their deeply personal experience and battle-tested insights with just anyone for money. Yet it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that such mentorship, none of which would happen without the very concept of Empower Asia, has literally changed my life for the better. 

Even as I now live outside Hong Kong, the relationships fostered remain strong. It is comforting to know that even with the distance, Empower Asia remains available for the support you need in difficult times through online coaching – and now I am in a place where I can begin mentoring others and impact lives as mine has been impacted.

If for any reason you are still in doubt about Empower Asia, I invite you to test it out and see for yourself – just as I did years ago.
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We are a Hong Kong based NGO that provides coaching, training, and mentoring to university students and young job starters. We see so much potential, strength and creativity in the next generation and commit to building a bright future for them.