My name is Judy and I graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a major in Marketing and minor in Journalism. I am now a news reporter at a TV station in Korea.

My university life has been a very enriching one, in both knowledge and character, maybe because I was surrounded by a good community of people who were my mentors. They have impacted my life in 3 different aspects: professionally, personally, and spiritually.

To help prepare me for my professional life, I joined training workshops by some of the current Empower Asia staff. For example, the Careers Workshop allowed me to engage with working professionals, and the Survival Cantonese Class helped international students like me adjust to life in Hong Kong by learning the language. Besides that, we also had classes helping me work through questions regarding my faith, which were all offered at the requests of students.

With the extensive network they plugged me into, we had the chance to attend a panel of working professionals from reputable companies and have an open Q&A session. They were invited to engage with students and form personal relationships- similar to a mentor-mentee relationship. It was great how I had the opportunity to reach out to senior level executives from prominent firms and get their advice in both life and career. I learned how not to be afraid of reaching out for help, to ask questions and become equipped in the essential skills of networking and building connections.

I experienced personal development through the relationship that I built with my mentors which went beyond a one-dimensional, flat connection. It is beyond that now, and I would say I have a very special friendship with them. I am no longer in university, but I still call them occasionally, and I just feel so blessed to have someone where I can just talk to and get advice.

As for my spiritual journey, I had many questions and doubts that I needed to get answered. Being a curious and inquisitive person, I asked many questions about faith and Christianity. It was a safe environment for me to ask because these people were not judgmental and tried their best to coach me in my times of doubt and struggle. I am a Christian now and consider Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I still stumble like crazy, but try to live everyday faithfully and feel like I have the tools to do so.

I am very grateful because I was able to encounter an organization that has a burning passion for students. With the same passion, Encounter Asia is striving to offer the same service to more students throughout Hong Kong to this day. They not only offer to students practical classes (merely “excelling in your career”), but really help students to grow in their character as well.

My wish for Empower Asia is that they continue to invest in students like me- professionally and personally and spiritually.

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