My name is Justin. In 2009 I came to Hong Kong to study for a master degree in Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

When I first arrived in Hong Kong, I made choices in my life simply with the goal to succeed in my career. So when I heard about the offer of a free English course I immediately thought this would benefit me in my life goals. The course lasted 10 weeks and was very helpful for improving my English. I especially enjoyed to practice my conversational English, as the course was not just about learning vocabulary, but there were also native English speakers who gave us the opportunity to practice our oral English.

When the course ended I had become friends with some of the other students, which was very helpful as Hong Kong was still new to me. I also built friendships with some of the teachers. I wondered why they offered English courses for free and cared for the students so much. I then learned that many teachers were Christians and that the values of Christianity encouraged them to love other people.

Growing up in Mainland China I did not have a lot of exposure to know about Christianity, so I became eager to learn more about it. I asked one of the teachers to share more about what he believed, and so he began to mentor me spiritually. I learned about Christian philosophy and the Bible. At the end of the semester I decided to become a Christian myself and continued learning about my new faith ever since.

When my time in Hong Kong came to an end I also had the opportunity to go on a trip to the Philippines. It was the first time for me outside China. During the trip we worked a lot with children in poverty. The trip taught me a lot about caring for other people and empowering them for life. It felt a bit like I could pay forward to others what I had received myself.

After returning to Hong Kong, I had to figure out what I would do next with my life. I began meeting with a career coach who equipped me in discerning the right career for me and guided me through my application process.

I now work in a major bank in China and love looking back at my time in Hong Kong. I believe I have been very blessed by all I that I have experienced and all the training I have received will impact my life for a long time. I hope many students will be able to receive Empower Asia training in their own life in the future.

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