Getting Unstuck: The Power of Coaching | Could life coaching be what you need to move forward in your life?Two weeks ago, one of our clients sent us a message expressing his excitement for the new job that he just acquired. We first met Charles Gregory, known by most as CG, two years ago as a student at Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a guy filled with enthusiasm and excitement for life. This two year relationship with CG has brought many stories and experiences, especially during his time receiving coaching which has brought about transformation in his life that he decided to share with us:

“I am an exchange student from the US who has studied in Hong Kong for two years, and Empower Asia has played a very important role in my life so far. When I first moved to Hong Kong, what began as a honeymoon experience became an increasingly difficult adjustment to a new way of life.

During a pivotal time of introspection, I started using Empower Asia’s coaching services. My coaching partnership with Empower Asia helped me think more critically through a lot of my frustrations, and I have taken many action steps to move forward.

Coaching has made me a much stronger and more independent person and has helped me gain more direction in life. I would highly recommend Empower Asia’s services to anyone who feels stuck and wants to move forward. The people at Empower Asia really care and will come alongside you to reach your full potential. Thank you, EA, for all you do for young people like me.”

"Coaching has made me a much stronger and more independent person..."This is just a glimpse of CG’s story. A lot has happened in the past two months for him. He finished his degree, landed a job, signed his first apartment lease. It’s been a grueling past few weeks for him with all of the transition.

We are honored to feature CG’s story since he has been apart of the Empower Asia community from the very start. He was one of the first students that we worked with, and we are encouraged by his accomplishments but mainly with the person he is becoming.

Does this sound like you? Have you ever felt stuck before? Maybe like CG, the way you see the world is changing and what you really
need is someone to act as a source of encouragement and motivation during
your time in university or the marketplace.

That’s exactly what we at Empower Asia are most passionate about, and we would love for you to contact us to find out more about coaching and how to get started.

Simply fill out this form, and begin your journey of professional, personal, or spiritual transformation today. We’d love to be a part of your story.

The EA Team

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