Our Team is Growing!

“Empower Asia exists to equip the next generation of leaders in Asia through holistic services so they will be empowered to impact their society. “

When the vision of Empower Asia first took shape we had many unanswered questions. One of them was: “Who else shares this vision and will join us in seeing EA become a reality?”

Since we started sharing our vision with people all around us, a team of like-minded people has come together while dreaming, planning and envisioning the future of EA together. Many people have been supporting our vision through legal advice, connected us with people in their relational network or helped through financial contributions to see EA get off the ground.

One of the people who has been an integral part of leading EA to where it is today is David Chou. We met David early in our visioning stage and quickly saw our passions leading in the same direction, and today we are excited to tell you that David is now joining EA as a full time team member. His a main focus area will be equipping young people with an entrepreneurial interest.

teaching a group for the NIKO retreat



You can read more about David’s background in his BIO.





We want to use this opportunity to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to David and all of you who have come alongside us in this early phase of EA!


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