We interviewed N. Senok, a Chinese University of Hong Kong undergraduate student, to share how our coaching services impact lives. This short interview will give you a glimpse of how coaching helps our clients discover their strengths, think critically about situations, and create solutions and action steps that help them achieve their own goals.


What drew you to coaching in the first place?

At the beginning of my final year semester, I felt extremely overwhelmed. Not just with the workload of class, but with a looming stress of finding a job and getting into graduate training programs. It felt like I had a mental block every time I tried to study or do job applications, and this would cause me to be even more stressed and disorganized. The topic of coaching spontaneously came up in conversation, and hearing about it was the draw that made me seek it out.

How have you benefitted from coaching?

Coaching has been a larger learning experience than expected. It met my initial goals of gaining focus and clarity on my present tasks rather than suspending myself in fear of the future. Unexpectedly, I discovered different aspects of my personality, such as how I react most positively to verbal feedback and my joy of sharing my culture. Although I knew these things deep down, coaching brought them to the forefront and encouraged me to partake in activities that engaged these sides of me. I ended up being more fulfilled because I was doing more things that made me happy.

Would you recommend coaching to other university students? Why or why not?

I would definitely recommend coaching to university students! Coaching lets you talk about your thought process and delve deep into the source of your worries or problems. Whether for schoolwork or personal life, it really helps to candidly and openly discuss what’s bothering you because you end up seeing the problem more clearly and giving yourself workable solutions! Your coach can also hold you accountable to your goals, which is better motivation than no one.

We hope that this deeper look into coaching helps you better understand this transformative service that we hope to offer many young people in the city and throughout Asia. Who knows, maybe in a few months this could be you! With the help of a coach as a supporter and encourager, the possibilities are endless.

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We are a Hong Kong based NGO that provides coaching, training, and mentoring to university students and young job starters. We see so much potential, strength and creativity in the next generation and commit to building a bright future for them.