Leaving the Cycle of Fear and Greed

At Empower Asia we say that we want to equip the next generation of Asian Leaders. But what kind of leader do we want to see raised up? How do our services impact those trained or mentored by us? In this months’ update we want to give a glimpse into the EA heartbeat and how we hope our services will impact our clients.

The Fear and Greed Index states that investors are driven by those two emotions. Too much fear can sink stocks well below where they should be. On the other hand, investors can bid up stock prices higher than their true value when they get greedy. In our experience, this is not just true for stocks, but also for many other aspects of our lives. The way we spend our money, the way we decide on changing jobs, and even whether we stay in or leave relationships.

One of the first aspects we clarify to our clients is what we mean by empowerment. We have to adjust their expectation to be empowered to reach their greedy goals (what they might consider success), to one that brings about true empowerment and success as a human being. Hopefully this is when young people develop the wisdom to step out of a cycle in which they are driven solely by greed or fear.

The vision we have for the next generation of leaders in Asia is for them to be rooted in their true identity with a personal vision to make their lives count beyond their own selfish ambitions and be who they were created to be.

Is your life driven by greed or fear?

May you live life to the fullest,




Maik H Friedrich

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