Looking Forward to 2015

Dear friends of Empower Asia,

First of all we wish you all a Happy New Year. As the we enter 2015, we look back at an eventful year, and are looking ahead to many exiting milestones on next years’ schedule. A highlight at the end of 2015 was our first Empower Asia Salon Event. Our salon events are meant to bring the community together and foster an ongoing dialogue on the topics of training, mentoring and coaching.

The topic of this event was “The Role of DSC_0821Mentorship in the Church”. We had diverse group of people attending the event: business leaders, university students, church leaders, and people simply interested in the topic of mentorship. It was a great time for networking and building new connections.

Our guest speaker, Jason Young from the Dean of Students office at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), share with our guests about his experience on campus. He voiced the need for mentors coming alongside students who are often overwhelmed by the challenges of life. Whether career guidance, relationship advice or simply having a listening ear, mentors can make a significant impact in the lives of young people.

We also shared the vision of Empower Asia, to raise a network of mentors throughout the city and to connect them with the next generation on the campuses. We believe mentorship is one of the most effective tools to support young people on their life journey, and set them on the right path to success, not only in their work life, but also in their personal and spiritual direction.

DSC_0870The evening was a wonderful start to building a city wide movement of people passionate about lives lived to the fullest. The time was filled with great conversations, lots of laughter, and new friendships, and hopefully gave our guests a glimpse of what impact every single person can have in the lives of others through mentorship.

We are looking forward to our next salon events, and hope you can join us next time!

By grace,
Maik H. Friedrich



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