Empower Asia is currently offering mentor training courses!

While you may be familiar with mentoring already, you can always have more tools to be a great mentor. Through the training you can join our network so we can help match you with a mentee who is looking for support whether professionally, personally, or spiritually.

What is the training like? 

We have unique content modeled after a successful Mentor Network in Germany, combined with elements from our 20 years combined experience working in Hong Kong with young people. We have a combination of lecture and workshop format to maximise your learning.

How long does it take?

Our “Fast Track” course can be completed within four hours. This gives you basic tools to be a mentor and membership within our network.  For more in depth mentoring training, content can be shared based on the organisation’s needs and availability. Ideally we’d like mentors to have 10-12 hours of training but recognize the time restraints and are flexible with this.

Why should I take this if I’m already been a mentor for years?

Many people have different definitions of mentoring which can be a cause for confusion for mentor and mentee.  We hope that by getting people on the same page as well as reconnecting with what today’s young people need we can have a more coordinated and effective mentoring process. Everyone can learn something new or find encouragement through our training.

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We are a Hong Kong based NGO that provides coaching, training, and mentoring to university students and young job starters. We see so much potential, strength and creativity in the next generation and commit to building a bright future for them.