November Update

Dear friends of Empower Asia,

As the year 2014 comes to a close, we also celebrate our first year of our Empower Asia journey. When we first embarked on our venture, we also set our goals of what we hoped to see happen in our vision time line. Looking back we are excited to see how the pieces are coming together, and look ahead with anticipation to 2015.

The first goal we set for our Start-Up Phase was to register Empower Asia. This has been a step more challenging then we anticipated, particularly when we learned that the Hong Kong law for non-profits changed in March. We are thankful that Empower Asia Services Limited was successfully incorporated on 15 October 2014. We are especially grateful to James and Jong, who have helped us along the way.

ea registration

The next goal in our timeline was the formation of a Board of Directors for EA. Many Boards in Hong Kong companies, including non-profits, are comprised of people with big names and big titles, but often people lack the personal connection with the organization. When forming the EA Board, our main value was to look for people who share the vision of empowering young people for life. We are thankful to Lincoln and Jason to lead us through both their heart and their expertise as we equip the next generation of leaders in Asia.

The third goal in our timeline was to establish an investor network. As we began to formulate the vision of EA, we decided to establish the organization as a non-profit. Even though we knew that some people would be able to afford the services of training, mentoring and coaching, we were also aware that many would not be able to do so. We are thankful for the numerous people who have joined us through personal or corporate support in making this journey possible. For the coming year we still need to expand our network of investors. Some of us are still working part time jobs outside EA to make our work possible, but we are grateful for the hours we can already dedicate to serving the young people in our city.

Next, we set the goal of developing organizational service offers. There have been many exciting developments in this area since we first started. Over the past year we have developed training services for team building, spiritual navigation, a guide to finding happiness, relationship and marriage preparation, discovering your calling and discerning your career, and conflict management to name a few. We also have begun training our team in coaching, and we are finalizing a training program to equip mentors. Developing new services will be an ongoing project for EA, but we are well on the way to offering a solid foundation to our clients and leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

The final goal on our vision timeline was to develop a team of service advisors. Besides David, Katie and I, we are excited to have several other people on our start-up team, sharing our heart and vision. They have volunteered their time over the past year to get EA of the ground, while having their visas and finances provided through other opportunities in the city. We are thankful for being on this journey with this amazing team, and we are thankful for YOU. Thanks for your interest, your support and your prayers as we equip the next generation of leaders in Asia so they will be empowered to impact their society.

By grace,


Maik H. Friedrich

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