October Developments!

This month’s letter is from our team member David Chou, hope you are encouraged by what he has to share!

Dear friends of Empower Asia,

As a new semester kicks off, we are excited to share the newest developments of our organization with you. One of the most recent developments in EA is an open door in PolyU (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) to implement training, coaching, and mentoring for this generation of students.

First of all, we had the opportunity to work together with the Dean of Students’ office.  This included co-leading a coaching session for the top 16 post-graduate students chosen from a group of 500. The topic was “Dealing with Tough People, Making Tough Decision and Facing Tough Times.” It’s exciting to see sessions like this lead to meaningful conversations that help students find their way forward as they navigate this unsure season of life. Asking the questions “Who are you?”, “Where are you going?”, and “How do you get there?” helps to focus the coaching session and get to the heart of the issues students are facing.

After the session, students reported that they learned more about themselves, had a better outlook when considering their future, and even felt equipped to handle “tough people, tough decisions and tough times” as the course set out to do. It also whet their appetite for further coaching, confirming to us the need for people to walk alongside those students!

Another group we connected with at PolyU is the Mainland and International Students Services (MISS). Getting to know this department and more about what they do will allow us to discern the best way to partner with and support them. This group is significant because these students come from all over the world to study in Hong Kong and are often in need of support since they are far from family or don’t speak the language.

Finally, we are encouraged by the small but growing network of students our staff members are currently meeting on campus. Listening to their stories and seeing their needs are essential steps to know how best to empower them. If we do not know who people are, where they’re going, and how they hope to get there, then we could not develop services that are effective.  These relationships are an essential step, and we are so thankful that the doors are opening to do just that!  Read some of these stories here.

Thank you all so much for being a part the Empower Asia family. We are grateful for all your support, whether you give hands-on involvement, financial support or prayers. We couldn’t do this without you!


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