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  • Purpose: to help clients learn skills necessary for a specific area of expertise
  • Approach: teaching, curriculum-based knowledge-transfer, personal application; administered by an EA Service Advisor
  • Structure: classroom, keynote talk, or workshop setting
  • Duration: one-off or set of 3-5 workshops


  • Purpose: to move the client forward in a specific area of growth
  • Approach: listening, asking questions to promote discovery and achieve predetermined goals; administered by an EA Service Advisor
  • Structure: structured meetings, one-to-one or in a small group
  • Duration: 4-5 months


  • Purpose: to allow clients to benefit from the support of a more experienced person
  • Approach: sharing wisdom and experience, advising; administered by an EA certified and matched mentor
  • Structure: informal, mentee-initiated one-to-one meetings
  • Duration: 2+ years

What Others Say

For me, coaching has been a light in the midst of the unknown future. I have been able to think of what I have on hand, to see the big picture of who I am and the potential I have.
Samson Wai, Hong Kong Baptist University
Coaching has made me a much stronger and more independent person and has helped me gain more direction in life. I would highly recommend Empower Asia’s services to anyone who feels stuck and wants to move forward.
CG Pendarvis, Chinese University of Hong Kong
It’s amazing how the answers were inside of me this whole time, but I couldn’t get to them. I just needed the right questions.
Victoria Chan, Hong Kong University

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