Summer Service Opportunity

We are excited to share that at the end of June and beginning of July we will partner with a large English teaching organization. Maik and Katie have the privilege of providing orientation training to over 100 North American university students and their team leaders who will come to serve as English teachers in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China.  The topics will include leadership training, team building and preparation for living in a foreign culture.  We believe that equipping teams with tools to understand their unique differences, resolve conflict, and be spiritually vibrant will allow them to have an amazing summer.
This month has been spent developing and refining these training materials so that we can offer these type of services to other groups in the future. We are excited about the chance to have an impact through a summer program that is formative to students and their decisions about whether they decide to serve long term as an English teacher in Asia. We love building these relationships and casting vision for the next generation of young people that they would make an impact wherever they go.

Last year's program team leaders

Last year’s program team leaders

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