Unexpected Blessings

Dear friends of Empower Asia,

Starting a new organization with a multi-national team in Hong Kong is both an exciting and challenging journey. We have all learned a lot during this start up period and it was filled with surprises. On the one hand, there are the roadblocks we did not anticipate, which often have to do with the city’s inflexible bureaucracy. On the other hand, there are the encouragements and unexpected blessings that showed us that the vision and mission is much bigger than us.

There is the blessing of how our team is coming together (stay tuned for next month’s newsletter for more exciting team news)! EA has also been blessed to receive unexpected financial support, but this month I want to focus on the blessing of other organizations, who have been a helped us by sharing their wisdom and their resources.

First- Hong Kong Commons. They have not only been a blessing to EA through helping us get our company registered, but they went above and beyond through offering advice to us, connecting us with their network, and even providing a meeting space for us to use on Hong Kong island.

Next, there is Shatin Church, which not only opened their office to us for our team meetings, but also allows us to print material, invited us to promote EA to their community, and provides financial support to cover a significant part of our start up cost.

Furthermore, the Eureka Consulting Group is partnering with us for the upcoming semester. Eureka is a Hong Kong University (HKU) based and student led consulting organization, supported by professional mentors and HKU professors and focused on offering their pro bono services to help NGOs get started. The project will focus on identifying key needs on HK campuses for our training services, researching financial support options through foundations and corporate social responsibility funds, and providing an Asian marketing strategy.

We have also been blessed by the support of PILnet, a pro bono legal advice group. Some of our team members just attended a workshop covering various legal matters NGOs are facing, such as copyright, trademark and data-privacy. We also have submitted various requests including our need for service agreements and work contracts, which will be prepared for us by lawyers offering pro bono work.

Finally, we want to acknowledge IXO, our US partner. Dan Faber and his team have been a great help to us in building up our stateside support and channeling funds to make our work possible.

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