Vision becomes a Reality

Dear friends of Empower Asia,

As a new semester kicks off, we are excited to share the newest developments of our organization with you.

Over the past few months we have explored numerous opportunities for our team to serve young people in the city. We have listened to many people about their needs and about the developments on the various school and university campuses. The real challenge is for our team to use their time wisely and to be intentional on how to best offer our services to see our vision become a reality. After taking some focused time to discern the various possibilities, this update will give you a glimpse of what projects we will be focusing on for the coming months:

1.     The developments with the International Christian Fellowship on CUHK campus
last semester have been thrilling. We decided to continue offering our training services to the CUHK ICF core team. One of our team members has been writing a training curriculum on “Finding Meaning in Life” that the group will be using in their main gathering and small groups. We also will keep training the core team in strategic ministry planning and help the group in developing a worship team.

2.     We are currently offering our services to student groups on PolyU and HKIED Campus. Both campuses have a growing number of students interested in building a similar campus community as seen on CUHK. We are involved in envisioning and strategic planning.

3.     As we are developing our mentorship curriculum, we are talking to several churches about offering mentorship training and raising up mentors with a heart to see young people empowered for life.

4.     Our team is also starting a bi-weekly Empower Asia Community Night. This will be a time where our coaches and mentors will get together with clients we are serving. For the next few months we will walk through a “Life Planning” program. Our hope is that this regular event will help EA to not just be an organization, but grow as a family and align everyone with a common heart of serving young people.

5.     Finally, our team is working hard on developing various curriculums focused on high school students, creative people and entrepreneurs. We hope that by the end of the year we will have completed several training modules that will help young people on their life journey.

Thank you all so much for being a part the Empower Asia family. We are grateful for all your support, whether your hands on involvement, your financial support or your prayers. We couldn’t do this without you!

By grace,

Maik H. Friedrich


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